We are Visual Content Generators.

Firestarter was born in pulsating Johannesburg, sojourned in Cape Town for 7 years and is now based in the cultural cacophony of Durban. Durban is an explosion of visual textures and audio stimulations. Every city we have lived and worked in has lent its own vibrancy to our work.

A recent promo we produced for ARNSA, the anti-racism movement, in the build up to Anti Racism Week 14 - 21 March 2017

And why we do what we do

Telling people's stories allows us a privileged peak into the windows of their lives. Adding colour, texture and music to the stories we gather, well that’s when the work becomes play.

And we love to play with our work.


When people hear the name, Firestarter, the light flashes on in the cinema of their minds and you can almost hear the taunting acid-chemical riff of  Firestarter by The Prodigy.

"I am the Firestarter, ####ing instigator."

But in truth, as much as we love frenetic and disruptive energy of The Prodigy, that is not who we are. The name, Firestarter, was born of a penchant for accidentally setting small fires with toasters.

We are gentle folk, prone to distraction and in love with colour.