The uplifting power of a download

Screenshot 2015-02-18 14.35.06(2).png
At the time of posting, this random seagull photo had been downloaded 139 times in 2 days.

I was feeling quite low on Monday when an out of the ordinary conversation with a friend, inspired me to embrace whole new obsession.

Said friend was bemoaning the soul-less nature of the stock images employed by the web design company she'd engaged for her own company's website. So I sent her a link to Unsplash telling her of all the beautiful hi-res images she could download from there ... for free.  And it got me thinking, through the haze of my own gloom, that maybe I should get off my ass and become a contributor to Unsplash, rather than just a harvester.  So I did. I opened a profile and uploaded 6 random pics. A fun distraction, while the process was in motion, but I soon forgot about it while I hunkered down determinedly wallowing in the comfort of my glum.

Later that Blue Monday, while showing my partner, Genevieve, the profile I had opened, I noticed a Your Stats link on my profile page. Clicked it. And boom! An addiction was born. Watching the numbers roll over as people select to download the images has become a new obsession. Better than therapy.

Try it. You'll love it ... Unsplash yourself.


A new rival to the throne of Photoshop

Meet Affinity Photo, a new Photoshop rival.

Affinity Photo is a pro-level photo software and graphics editor. Real-time editing, meaning no previews, “apply” buttons, or hanging around to wait for an effect to render.

Best of all? Unlike the subscription-only Photoshop, you can currently download Affinity Photo for free. But only on Mac.

Affinity Photo is currently available for no charge since it is in public beta mode. Even when it is complete, however, it won't require a month-to-month subscription. Instead, it will be available for download for $49.99.

Check out the Beta sign-up here:




Standing behind a camera allows us a peak into the windows of other peoples lives. Adding colour, texture and music to the stories … well that’s when the work becomes play. And we love to play with our work. We love work!


Our fabulous friends

One of the delights of our work is that we get to collaborate with all sorts of like and unlike minded people. Have a look here at some of the vivid imagery captured by Afronaut, Leon Coetzer.

Maiden voyage

This is our first tentative step, so to speak, on the unfamiliar terrain of the Blogosphere. But our bags are packed and our boots are laced, so lets stumble forth and see what there is to see out there.