The uplifting power of a download

Screenshot 2015-02-18 14.35.06(2).png
At the time of posting, this random seagull photo had been downloaded 139 times in 2 days.

I was feeling quite low on Monday when an out of the ordinary conversation with a friend, inspired me to embrace whole new obsession.

Said friend was bemoaning the soul-less nature of the stock images employed by the web design company she'd engaged for her own company's website. So I sent her a link to Unsplash telling her of all the beautiful hi-res images she could download from there ... for free.  And it got me thinking, through the haze of my own gloom, that maybe I should get off my ass and become a contributor to Unsplash, rather than just a harvester.  So I did. I opened a profile and uploaded 6 random pics. A fun distraction, while the process was in motion, but I soon forgot about it while I hunkered down determinedly wallowing in the comfort of my glum.

Later that Blue Monday, while showing my partner, Genevieve, the profile I had opened, I noticed a Your Stats link on my profile page. Clicked it. And boom! An addiction was born. Watching the numbers roll over as people select to download the images has become a new obsession. Better than therapy.

Try it. You'll love it ... Unsplash yourself.