Video is an essential tool in all digital content strategies

We in the creative industries love to sell ourselves as “thinking outside of the box”.  But when you simply need to draft a budget for a social media campaign or strategy, you sometimes need to know “how long the piece of string is”. Forgive the mixed metaphor, but you get the point. 

We understand ‘string’ and have whittled away all possible budget excess to make video a realistic addition to your budget! Our video products are designed to be made quickly and affordably which means that engaging, regular and topical online video is possible.  

To keep our products cost-effective and quick to turnaround, most do not involve video shoots and voice-over recordings but instead are created using a combination of stock video (if necessary); library images; music; motion graphics and animated text.


Custom designed, graphics-driven video. Made using existing footage and photographs the client has in their archives or, alternatively, stock footage and photographs can be used. Where possible free-to-use imagery can be sourced (making it even more affordable).


Duration: 1 -3 minutes

Delivery: Usually 5-8 days from receipt of brief

Recommended word count: 180 - 200 Words (if we use longer texts per frame we can increase the word count but this should be done sparingly so that the video is not too text-heavy).

Frames: 22 - 25

Cost: R11,250 or US$855 

(Includes the 3rd party costs of music licensing and 1 x premium stock video clip. Additional video and photographic images are sourced online from free-to-use libraries. Additional premium stock clips, can be licensed from 3rd party suppliers for approximately US$80 / clip.  This excludes voice over costs.)


As the name implies, this is a small slice of information that accents an overall campaign. Specifically designed for repackaging existing content into an engaging video message for use on social media, but it can be used for anything that requires a short, simple text and image driven message.


Duration: 15 - 40 seconds

Delivery: Usually 2 days from receipt of brief

Recommended word count: 120 words

Cost: R7,500 or US$570

(Includes music licensing and image selection. If very specific stock images are required which can’t be sourced through the client’s library or through free-to-use sources, these will be added to the set price. Excludes voice over.)


This product is a series of a minimum of four snippets.  When purchased in a group, the per video cost drops to R3750 each as the cost of building the video is amortised across multiple videos.


Delivery: Usually 2 days, from receipt of brief per video

Cost: R3,750 or US$285 (for a minimum order of four)

(Includes music licensing and free-to-use image sourcing. If very specific stock images are required which can’t be sourced through the client’s library or through free-to-use sources, these will be added to the set price. Excludes voice over.)


This product is a more high-end offering as it includes camera and audio recording but the potential ROI is massive.  This product allows you to put key spokespeople and influencers on camera.  

What is it?

On camera interviews with key spokespeople; influencers; clients etc. To ensure maximum ROI and to keep costs down we will produce three videos out of one interview. Each interview will be scripted with three specific angles in mind so all three videos will carry an unique key message. They are short (optimum is 1 minute duration) and easy to consume and / or share.


Delivery: Dependent on the urgency but optimally 7 days from shoot.

Cost: R19,050 or US$1450 (works out to be R6,350 per video)

(Does not include: Travel costs for shoots outside of the city centres (Cape Town; Durban & Johannesburg) although we do have camera teams in each city so travelling should not be necessary; an auto-prompt ; voice-over (the message will be driven by the interview and not a voiced script).  It does include 3rd party music licensing.)


A video meme highlighting an event; a campaign or a Public Service Announcement.  Ideal as a little video nugget to enrich Social Media campaigns. 


Duration: 5 - 10 seconds

Delivery: 1 day from receipt of brief

Cost: R3,750 or US$285

(Includes music licensing and free-to-use image sourcing..)